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Note: Admin access is allowed for demo/testing purpose only. By login you allow us to track your IP and activity.  Do not delete or install any other app. Do not delete our demo combo products. Such activity may be liable for claiming app defamation.


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1. Mix & Match

  • Buy the look Top and Bottom with the selected size and colour

Combowise Mix & Match bundle

2. Box of N

  • Select X products out of Y available products at a fixed price.

Box bundle

3. Volume discount

  • Set price rule based on purchased quantity. Eg. Buy X Qty get 10% discount, Buy Y Qty get 20% discount

Combowise volume discount


4. Simple bundle

  • Buy the combo of small burger + small french fries + small cold drink at a fixed price

combowise simple bundle


5. Split in cart

split bundle


6. Thumbnail catalog